Water Tax?

Water charges or Taxation masquerading as a service charge? With all the government U-turns and campaigning by all sorts of interested parties it is easy to overlook the most basic of facts that is ANY PAYMENT DEMANDED WITHOUT REFERENCE TO CONSUMPTION OF A PRODUCT OR SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR … Continue reading

National plan for inspections published

The EPA has published it’s outline document describing the manner and nature of the proposed inspection regime. Although not particularly detailed or thorough it is worth reading through. It can be found on our handy guide to septic tanks and tertiary treatment plants/ EPA code of practice page or from … Continue reading

Latest on Septic tanks

The deadline for registration of septic tanks has now passed.The government has said that although no strict framework for grant aid has been enacted to help householders with the cost of upgrading systems which fail to meet inspection criteria there will be NO aid given to those whom have not … Continue reading

Septic tank registration

As you are probably aware legislation has been enacted to make registration of any private sewage disposal system mandatory. Rather like the household charge many people are avoiding registration as they believe it is the thin end of a large wedge. This is undoubtedly the case but delaying registration will … Continue reading

Water charges

Senator Mark Daly says; he has secured the promise of the Minister of State for the Environment that despite the proposed new water authority “IF ONE HAS ONE’S OWN WATER SUPPLY, ONE WILL NOT BE METERED” Following queries from people in the local area, Senator Mark Daly secured the promise … Continue reading

Rainwater harvesting at a detached house in Kerry

Study of a typical domestic dwelling Key points to be assessed: existing plumbing and fittings Number of persons using the property and any special requirements Suitability of the roof and building for rainwater harvesting Determining measures for reducing consumption Design of a suitable rainwater harvesting system Survey of existing plumbing … Continue reading

Rainwater system proposal for sports hall in North Kerry

Example of how an assessment done under BS 8515:2009 guidelines is carried out Key issues considered: – Water usage; Total demand for potable water ( for drinking, catering and washing) Total demand for non-potable water (for flushing toilets laundry etc.) Number of users and their gender Possible peak demand situations … Continue reading