Water charges

Senator Mark Daly says; he has secured the promise of the Minister of State for the Environment that despite the proposed new water authority “IF ONE HAS ONE’S OWN WATER SUPPLY, ONE WILL NOT BE METERED”
Following queries from people in the local area, Senator Mark Daly secured the promise from the Minister of State for Environment during a heated debate in the Senate that despite the new Water Authority ” if one has one’s own water supply or ARE ON A GROUP SCHEME, one will not be metered.
After people from the Blackwater and Templenoe area contacted Senator Daly he argued that the owner of a private well or those on a group water scheme would have already paid hundreds and in many cases thousands of euros to install and maintain the service. It is unfair that they now be charged for a water supply which they put in place themselves.
” There is no new charge if one supplies one’s own water. If one is not connected to the public water supply but to a group water scheme, of which there is a significant number, one will not pay” said the minister.

(taken from Marks summer 2012 news letter)

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