Rainwater harvesting

To answer general questions see our Guide to Rainwater recycling

For a basic on-line questionnaire enabling us to assess your needs go to our-Rainwater harvesting enquiry form

Our services:

In order to evaluate your needs a simple on-line questionnaire can be used to start the ball rolling, however a no obligation site visit to discuss your requirements is often the best approach.

Where you are considering fitting a Rainwater Harvesting System to either a domestic property or small farm building, an on site survey is essential.

This survey would involve measuring and drawing the outlines of all buildings and examining the current plumbing and surface water drainage. This is followed by a detailed analysis of your specific water use and desired outcome.

Carrying out this process within the guidelines of BS 8515:2009 is a reasonably lengthy procedure for us as we have to prepare drawings and documents as well as spend approximately 1 hour on site with you.

There is a nominal €50.00 charge for this service (refunded if you proceed with the project) within 50kms of Kenmare and €75.00 for anywhere else Munster (please email us for price in other areas)

For this fee you will receive a

  • computer drafted outline drawing of your buildings
  • recommended suitable system design for your situation
  • alternative designs for different budgets or requirements
  • list of simple improvements and water saving measures
  • clear breakdown of the costs involved
  • and an honest opinion on whether it is in your best interests to fit such a system. In many cases the potential financial savings, ecological benefits and disruption during installation are not justified but we will tell you the truth and let you decide for yourself with the benefit of our information.

    DIY Projects;

    Beara Water Services will be happy to provide help and support for you with your own projects

    Where possible we will make as much information as we can available on our website. See our F.A.Q’s. If you can’t find the answers you need please e-mail and we will do our best to help.

    If you wish to save money or simply engage in the process yourself Beara Water Services will happily work with you to take care of ‘the tricky bits’ after all many people are quite capable of undertaking many aspects of these projects themselves with a little guidance.

    Water butts

    Other rain harvesting equipment


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