Water butts for sale

We can supply and fit a range of water butts at very reasonable cost within a 45 mile (75km) radius of Kenmare

Our current offers are-

Standard 210 litre plastic water butt with lid (incorporating child lock), stand, connectors and tap delivered and fitted (subject to your down pipes being suitable and accessible) for:-

€85 Within 25miles (40km) of Kenmare or €90 up to 45miles (75km)

Solid Oak Whiskey barrels-We have a selection of ex distillery Oak barrels in good watertight condition and guaranteed for one year

Prices start at around €65 for a basic barrel and increase depending on the finish or accessories you require.
A plain barrel with a hole drilled to suit a downpipe and a brass tap fitted is €80
Stands for these barrels are made to order and designs vary, generally they are made from treated softwood and cost between €20 and €35 each

We will also repair or part exchange your old wooden barrels and barrel hoops (depending on condition)

It is possible to make a wide range of planters from these barrels. If your existing barrel no longer functions as a rain butt we may be able to convert it into one or more planters. Alternatively we can supply replacements to any design at a competitive price


for a quote or any other queries

Examples of other types of water butt can be found in our Galleryand we will be happy to quote for any special items you may wish sourced or manufactured

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